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Meet the Founders + The CBD (r)Evolution


Started LIIV Organics in 2017 with a genuine passion to share the benefits of using Hemp CBD products with the world.  It all started over a year ago, when his wife’s numbing sciatica pain ended from utilizing CBD paired with adjustments from her chiropractor. He said there was no better fulfillment than hearing all the positive stories, additionally he was getting his own reduced anxiety from personal CBD applications.  Instantly, Christian knew this was something he could put all his energy towards.  Being a believer in the Cannabis plant for many years, he was proud to see the emergence of healing CBD products. While spreading the good word of CBD products he has heard 100’s of testimonials from all walks of life that inspire him to keep pushing forward. The most memorable and motivating of them all, coming from his wife, Lindsey.

Christian’s Passions- Family, Friends, Traveling, Helping Others, Surfing, Snowboarding, New Adventures, Business Ventures, Working Out, Experiencing Life


4 years ago Daniel saw the legalization of Cannabis moving toward a federal level.  Always being a believer in plant medicine, he decided to leave his work in the health industry behind (where he helped over 10,000 patients overcome cancer) and decided to commit his existence to promoting education and non-toxic plant medicine. 

With this transition he decided to stop all his non-plant medications COLD-TURKEY, which spiraled him into a dark state of mind.  Testing various cannabinoid therapies to help his mood, he discovered some varying results and was particularly fascinated with Cannabidiol (CBD).  Its powerful mind + mood balancing effects, when paired with a special bean of coffee, made him feel human at last.   Feeling alive, happy, and in control once again he knew he had to share this feeling with the world and immediately started developing a product for the masses.  After two years of relentless efforts, testing hundreds of different types of CBD to find the most effective combination CBD + Coffee, he brought to market Cannabeíne.  Cannabeíne is the worlds most effective combination of CBD + Coffee for mind and mood balance, made from love with the artisan in mind.

Daniel’s Passions- Great tasting Coffee, Health, Helping Others, Educating about Hemp, being one with the Nature

The CBD (r)Evolution

As you already know, CBD is one of over 100 compounds found in the cannabis plant. Each compound has unique health promoting qualities, many of which have yet to be discovered. Anyone who has ever smoked pot, received relief from cannabis, or believes in plant medicine is attempting to be a part of this green movement. 

Fortunately for them, regulation is prohibiting the big players in Pharma to emerge, creating a narrow window of opportunity for conscious and innovative companies like LIIV Organics & Cannabeíne. Individually they are two small fish, in a huge ocean, but together they are able to share resources and build something great.